Popularly known as the ‘Uramma Cottages’, this property houses the Uramma Cultural Residency.

Shama founded the Uramma Heritage Homes, a socially responsible enterprise, based in Anegundi in 2012. She has been working in the area for the past 22 years. Shama  also is the founder of The Kishkinda Trust (www.tktkishkinda.org) and is the Convenor for INTACH  Anegundi -Hampi chapter.

Shama has been implementing  successfully her vision, which is to develop creative and  industries that will engage the local community and be economically sustainable. These efforts are completely ecological, conserving as well as nurturing the natural and cultural heritage of the area.

The Uramma Cultural Residency has become the backbone of this vision to promote a rural and sustainable growth while preserving our heritage. Using locally available materials and skills we design product lines , experiences and interactions.

  We have invited architects and designers to come and work on the documentation of the humble yet unique architecture that has evolved in this area. We have hosted photographers, dancers, teachers, historian writers, IT specialists etc.

Uramma Heritage Residency offers a unique artistic  experience, located here  in this historic and picturesque village of Anegundi, situated on the north side of  the Tungabhdra river. We are located close to the Talwarkatta boat crossing point, a five minute walk from our premises. A short  journey will take you from there into the heart of the Hampi World Heritage site. The Residency offers an oasis of tranquillity and peace, where  painters, musicians, dancers, writers, theatre groups, designers  etc. can find a congenial workspace as well as inspiration in this  beautiful and  rich natural environs.

The profits from the Residency go towards supporting various creative industries, as well as contributing towards strengthening sanitation systems for the historic settlement of Anegundi…

Groups of local children  come and learn dance, yoga, karate , drawing etc. regularly. On some special occasions we also organise performances by the local artists for those who are keen to learn about the local performing arts and traditions.. Our beautiful natural stone stage situated in the Residency property has been a platform for rural folk dance performances, music concerts, art , yoga, craft, culinary workshops and much more.

Our residency aims at connecting the curious , talented visitors with  our open minded and ready to interact community to make a rich cultural exchange for both. We see that pride amongst the community of their creative cultural industries and of their rich heritage has grown due to this ongoing interaction. 

​Our 7 individual cottages built in the local farm house style with thatched roofs are spread across  landscaped gardens and farm,  and provide accommodation for those interested in conducting or participating in our art residencies. Depending on vacancy, individual visitors may also stay at the Residency  and thereby have a unique experience while also being a patron to our Cultural Programs

Please do contact us if you would like to use the space to conduct a cultural programme or exchange. We would be happy to curate an experience suited to your interests, expertise and requirements.

Local artisans have their workshop at the residency. We also have an in-house crafts boutique on the property which showcases their unique items made from woven banana fibre and water hyacinth and local textiles.

Uramma Cultural Residency  has a craft haat… displaying a variety of  products made by local women’s groups, and where  culinary classes may also be held  upon prior request.

Residencies may involve disciplines and interest such as:
Photography, painting, sculpture, working with traditional carpenters, communication and design, product design, architectural conservation and documentation, apparel and lifestyle design, culinary arts, tailoring, weaving, basketry, folk dance and art, public space concepts and events, ecological interests like local flora-fauna, bird watching, studies of traditional systems in agriculture, irrigation, recycling,  etc.

Uramma Culture Residency

(Double occupancy)


Uramma Culture Residency

(Single Occupancy )

(Including Tax=5,310)


(Including Tax=3,776)




(Including Tax=2,688)


(Including Tax=2,240)



    • Lunch/Dinner is at INR 400/- & Breakfast at INR 200/- & Plus 5% TAX.
    • Extra Mattress: Rs. 600/- and Plus Tax.
    • Driver Food & Accommodation Charges Rs.500.
    • UHH  GST No.29ACGPS5812CIZL

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