Hampi is also known as ‘Pampa Kshetra’. As per mythology, Pampadevi performed penance to win Lord Shiva. Shiva was pleased and agreed to marry her and came to be known as ‘Pampapathi’ meaning Pampa’s husband. Pampa is the guardian deity of this place and hence the name Pampa Kshetra.

Hampi was the capital of the Hindu empire, Vijayanagara (City of Victory) who ruled South India during 14th to 16th century AD. Spread over an area more than 25 square kilometers (10 square miles), Hampi ruins are packed with giant temples, palaces, market streets, aquatic structures , fortifications and an abundance of other ancient monuments. Amidst the giant boulder hills and the Tungabhadra river that flows in between, lies Hampi, in a very unusual landscape for a flourishing kingdom and capital.

Additionally, the Daroji Bear Sanctuary offers a wonderful opportunity to experience the rich and biodiverse flora and fauna of the region.