Welcome to Uramma Heritage Homes.

We are based in the historical settlement of Anegundi, which dates back to the 8th century. Anegundi is located on the north shore of the Tungabadra river with easy and picturesque access to the Hampi World Heritage Site.

Our brand Uramma, has been named in homage to the village goddess and guardian Uramma.

Our vision is to restore beautiful heritage properties that are rooted in the unique architectural traditions of the region and provide a high standard of modern comfort for a global audience. These properties provide a unique combination of rural hospitality and modern amenities. All of UHH’s employees are sourced from the local community and have received training in ‘hospitality’, thus building their individual capacities.

Our aim is to set a benchmark for hospitality and rural tourism in this Hampi World Heritage site, through a scalable and replicable model with special emphasis on using local traditional building materials as well as local architectural typology. Eco friendly systems such as, making all our properties a zero plastic zone, putting in place solid waste management systems and planting and maintaining trees have been put into practice.

UHH incubates and manages other homestay properties owned by local stakeholders, by helping them to market and run their properties. We train local guides, and support local women’s self-help groups that are engaged in different activities such as catering, crafts, garments etc

So come discover the unique natural landscape of Hampi, Anegundi and majestic ruins of the Vijaynagara Empire. Enjoy the comfort of our beautiful Heritage Homestays, while you unwind in the peaceful countryside. Support the local community through your patronage.

Let us look after you and take back  memories of an unforgettable experience!

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